About University of Ulster Innovative Services

Welcome to the Office of Innovation

What We Do
The University of Ulster is committed to playing a full role in the economic and social development of Northern Ireland. 

We have a vision to be a model of an outstanding regional university with a national and international reputation for quality.

Sharing our vast knowledge, gained through world-class research activity and excellence in teaching, with business and the community is an essential part of our mission.

Providing Solutions
We offer a huge range of services for businesses of all sizes.  From leading edge research and consultancy, to first rate testing facilities and technologies.  There are many different ways for external organisations to access expertise from the University, for more information see our Information for business section.

Or visit our Short Case Studies section for examples how we've worked with other businesses.

Whether you’re a large international company or a small business start up, our expertise is relevant and will be tailored to meet your needs. 

Contact Us
The Office of Innovation is your first point of contact.

Innovation Services
The primary role of the Innovation Services Team within the Office of Innovation is to translate Ulster's knowledge and technology (Intellectual Property) into marketable products and services in the most effective and timely manner possible.

This is achieved primarily through the following mechanisms: 

  • Spinouts / New Business Ventures 

  • Technology Licences 

  • Consultancy 
  • Collaborative Development Projects

Innovation Ulster Ltd is the legally constituted vehicle through which the University engages commercially with the business community and investors.  Profits and surpluses from commercial activity are brought back into the University for distribution to the academic community and associated faculties and schools.

Innovation Ulster Ltd is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Ulster.

Email:  enquiry@ulster.ac.ukor telephone 028 9036 8019.